Selected exhibitions

Frozen Bubbles on the Shore

9.1.-2.2.2020, Galleria Järnätti, Järvenpää

Versio 2
My Nature Waters Down Your Classifications, 61x91cm, 2018
2 MitätöinKaikkiMittaustuloksesi
I Rescind All Your Measurements

An Almost Imperceptible Grip


“An Almost Imperceptible Grip” is my first religious-themed exhibition. It was first held in the foyer of Laajasalo Church in Helsinki. Then it became an itinerant exhibition that was held in Paavali Church, Pakila Church and Roihuvuori Church.

Listener, 50x40cm, 2019
Connection, 61x91cm, 2019
Savior, 40x50cm, 2019

Of All Flowers

3.1.-27.1.2019, Rantakasarmi Gallery

Of all the flowers one
is like an unpolished diamond

Only I feel the roots of my body
I grow and bloom through life

My treasure is mine
My nature is fine

My favourite colour is protected
Behind my eyes there is more

We humans are physically and mentally as different from each other as all the flowers that grow around us. Still we are haunted by a need to classify each other into only two categories when it comes to body and gender. Thereby we end up dividing essential human characteristics into two groups, and the individual cannot flourish as a whole. The real gender dwells inside a person and no one but themself can determine it. With elements of nature, I try to unpack our society’s unnatural concept of gender. May all bodies bloom, because each of them in its uniqueness is the most beautiful.

KeinänenAino_Elämä voittaa_web


KeinänenAino_Kaikista kukista V_web
Of All Flowers V
KeinänenAino_Kaikista kukista VI_web
Of All Flowers VI
KeinänenAino_Kaikista kukista VII_web
Of All Flowers VII
KeinänenAino_Kaikista kukista I
Of All Flowers I
KeinänenAino_Kaikista kukista IV
Of All Flowers IV
The Eyes

KeinänenAino_Kiihkeä maa_web

200 000 Years of Longing

17.5.-10.6.2018, Rantakasarmi Gallery

My exhibition “200 000 Years of Longing” told about the long history of humankind and the feeling of longing.

One naturally craves to be with someone else, but approaching them can feel anything but natural. From all my experiences of longing, one is especially difficult to put into words. I long for a certain feeling that seems to have been lost somewhere in the past. It is a very positive experience that includes different visual sights in my early childhood. While it reminds me of my own past, at some level it also brings to my mind the early times of humankind. I started to explore a human world where words were hardly used, only a song mimicking the sounds of nature. The time of the human species has lasted from 200 000 to 300 000 years. Many essential characteristics of humans are even older than that, such as the use of fire and everlasting curiosity. Maybe longing is one of them. Even if we never managed to find common words for the object of our longing, the longing itself connects us to each other and to all the people who ever lived. Our common origin is in the familiar and the unexplored rocky ground that attracts us like a heart. The ground is like a drum that moves the body towards new places, trips, dangers, dancing. A boat is like a cradle, with which one floats upon the element of life. Countless palms have touched familiar rocks, leaving us a trace of a humanly red colour, just like a sign of longing. It is the same longing that we are feeling now. And each time that everything is lost, the most important is the story that remains. It is braided into a cloth and passed on to the next generation. It is hidden inside a perfectly shaped shell that someone finds tens of thousands of years later.

web_Eteenpäin, taaksepäin, jäin_kylmyys+1
Ahead, Back, Remain, 75 x 300 cm, 2018
web_Maan uni_kylmyys+1
Earth’s Dream, 150 x 300 cm, 2018
The Most Difficult in Life II, 135 x 100 cm, 2017
The Most Difficult in Life IV, 91 x 61 cm, 2018
The Most Difficult in Life I, 150 x 100 cm, 2017
The Most Difficult in Life III, 60 x 120 cm, 2018
Trust, 91 x 61 cm, 2018
Close but Far, 91 x 61 cm, 2018
Imprisoned by Earth
Imprisoned by Earth, 61 x 91 cm, 2017
Remote Longing, 91 x 61 cm, 2018
Native Song, 50 x 40 cm, 2017
The Birth of Religion, 50 x 40 cm, 2017
Treasure, 23 x 23 c, 2017
You, a Word, a Spark and Me, 61 x 91 cm, 2017





Eight Graces

16.2.-12.3.2017, Rantakasarmi Gallery

Eight Graces deals with different kinds of survival stories involving gods and human beings. The Graces (Charites) are Aphrodite’s assistants who represent fertility and charm. There have been several versions and combinations of the Graces in different times and in different parts on Ancient Greece. If we consider them all, they are eight, each one with her own name. I introduce the Graces as independent and separate characters, but I also picture certain ever-changing uniform powers they build up together as a whole. My interpretation of the Graces seeks human and empowering figures in which people can easily recognise themselves. They symbolise the individual and diverse strengths and powers within each person.

Eight Graces
Eight Graces, 150 x 300 cm, 2017
Splendor, 91 x 61 cm, 2016
Good Cheer
Good Cheer, 91 x 61 cm, 2016
Mirth, 91 x 61 cm, 2016
Growth, 30 x 21 cm, 2017
Persuasion, 30 x 21 cm, 2017
Queen, 30 x 21 cm, 2017
Balance, 120 x 146 cm, 2016
Aphrodite and Holding
Aphrodite and Holding, 180 x 120 cm, 2016
Hestia and Protection
Hestia and Protection, 100 x 97 cm, 2016
Poseidon, 135 x 100 cm, 2017
Gathering, 140 x 93 cm, 2016
Phoenix, 150 x 100 cm, 2015
Roots, 150 x 100 cm, 2016

After a Nightmare

21.9.-18.10.2015, Rööperin Taidesalonki

In my drawings on the theme of nightmare, I deal with a touch that crosses one’s personal boundaries and the fear that it causes. I want to represent the blurring of limits and the distortion of physical or mental contact in interaction between people. Even a harmless looking nuisance is serious, because every being has the right to integrity. An unclear initial setting makes it possible to hurt someone in an insidious manner. Overwhelmed with fear, the victim of violence stiffens, which makes the situation all the more dangerous. Perceiving one’s own boundaries and defending them is an essential way to overcome fear.

One can also escape from another one’s grip, whenever it is possible. From a different point of view, my works represent the experience of fear towards oneself and its halting impact. Confronting and fighting that fear is more helpful than escaping from it.

Nightmare, 173 x 115 cm, 2015
Grip of Thoughts
Grip of Thoughts, 61 x 91 cm, 2015
Far Away in the Mind
Far Away in the Mind, 61 x 91 cm, 2015
Deadlock, 91 x 61 cm, 2015
Close and Loud
Close and Loud, 91 x 61 cm, 2015
Ravel, 91 x 61 cm, 2015
Traceless Steps
Traceless Steps, 91 x 61 cm, 2015
Back, 91 x 61 cm, 2015
To the Surface
To the Surface, 91 x 61 cm, 2015
Face to Face
Face to Face, 70 x 50 cm, 2015
After a Nightmare I
After a Nightmare I, 91 x 61 cm, 2015
After a Nightmare II
After a Nightmare II, 91 x 61 cm, 2015





Body Talk

Group exhibition with Jenni Luhta and Tuomas Petelius

4.2.-26.4.2013, Drawing Gallery

The position of our body tells a lot, whether we want it to or not. Most of the time, our body language is unconcious. We are quite used to control our facial expressions, but when it comes to the rest of the body, communication is hard to fake. People have a constant need for a spiritual and physical connection to each other and at the same time, they crave for isolation. I want to bring out that contradiction by using humor and by partially covering the bodies. Some of the positions in these drawings are natural and easy. Some are more uncomfortable and difficult to maintain, which means that they are also objectifying. In that sense, my work is also a critique of common images representing people in the media. Society has very harsh expectations particularly for women.

At Your Mercy
At Your Mercy, 100 x 150 cm, 2013
Strong, 93 x 93 cm, 2013
Don't You Tickle Me
Don’t You Tickle Me, 150 x 100 cm, 2013

“Cavity” tells a story. I had a dream: It was a cold summer night in Lapland. A tall, big, dark skinned and dark haired woman walked towards me from a dark forest. She approached me and she clearly wanted to say something. We didn’t share the same language, so she went into a certain position. In real life, it would have been completely impossible to achieve. When I woke up, I started to wonder what did she mean by that. I couldn’t figure it out, but it felt very important to me, so I decided to look for a pose as close to hers as possible.

Cavity, 150 x 100 cm, 2013