Of All Flowers


Of all the flowers one
is like an unpolished diamond

Only I feel the roots of my body
I grow and bloom through life

My treasure is mine
My nature is fine

My favourite colour is protected
Behind my eyes there is more

We humans are physically and mentally as different from each other as all the flowers that grow around us. Still we are haunted by a need to classify each other into only two categories when it comes to body and gender. Thereby we end up dividing essential human characteristics into two groups, and the individual cannot flourish as a whole. The real gender dwells inside a person and no one but themself can determine it. With elements of nature, I try to unpack our society’s unnatural concept of gender. May all bodies bloom, because each of them in its uniqueness is the most beautiful.


Veil, 70x50cm, 2018


KeinänenAino_Kiihkeä maa_web
Passionate Ground, 91x61cm, 2017


Yksi maailma, yksi elämä aikaa
One World, One Lifetime, 150x300cm, 2018
Piittaamattomuuden loppu_MP
One World, One Lifetime: I. Breaking the Ignorance Game, 150x220cm, 2018
Elonkirjon riemu_MP
One World, One Lifetime: II. Embracing the Differences, 150x300cm, 2018
The Limit, 40x50cm, 2017


Kaikista kukista VIII (1)
Of All Flowers VIII, 50x40cm, 2018
Kaikista kukista III
Of All Flowers III, 50x40cm, 2018
Kaikista kukista IX
Of All Flowers IX, 50x40cm, 2018
Of All Flowers II, 40x50cm, 2017
KeinänenAino_Elämä voittaa_web
Life Wins


You can buy my artworks in Taiko, the webstore for finnish art




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